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Xamarin Forms Live Preview
on Devices
and Emulators

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Leverage the power of simulators and real devices

Preview on phones, tablets and TVs in any orientation all at the same time!

Get your UI live previewed on specific platforms and versions.

No more platform specific compilation loop!


Install Gorilla Player on your iOS or Android devices and simulators.


Connect your devices and simulators to Gorilla Player server.


Live preview your XAML changes on your devices and forget to compile over and over!

Smooth Visual Studio integration on Mac and Windows

Use Gorilla Player Visual Studio Addin to interact with Gorilla Player on your devices and preview amazing UIs!

Gorilla Player smooth integration with Visual Studio
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Preview beyond plain XAML through Gorilla SDK

Preview everything:

  • Derived Pages
  • CustomRenderers
  • External assemblies
  • Styling done directly in the Xamarin Forms host platform
  • Controls Templates
  • MergedWith ResourceDictionaries
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Add Design Time Data Easily

Feed your UI with sample data directly from XAML using JSON or C# objects

You can also use sample data to simulate your view models (you can play easily with its values to test different visual states of your UI).

Use our new Design Time Extractor Tool to extract all data from your solution and make it available for preview!

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ResourceDictionary Heaven

Do you prefer working with styles, colors instead of a mess of inline attributes? No problem, Gorilla gives you instant preview for all kind of resources.

If you define resources in the same file or a different one (e.g. App.xaml), Gorilla will take care of it. Just work as you are used to.

Application and Page level support.

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ContentViews support

Enjoy the pleasure of working with modular XAML for your app. Watch while you build.

ContentViews are handy for reuse and modularization. Gorilla supports them out of the box.

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Early XAML Warnings and Errors Notifications

Gorilla will look your code and will provide better feedback about issues.

  • Get meaningful info about your XAML errors.
  • Find the line and column where the error is.
  • Get suggestions about how to get the best preview.

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